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(With appointment)

2156 Montgomery (second balcony over 2148), Montreal, Quebec, H2K 2R8, Canada.

It is the triplex building on the right of the Korean fence.
Up the steps, right door.
If you didn't print map look the map into the underground station if necessary.
(If no answer follow door instructions)

It is 4 streets from Frontenac subway.
Exit right door and cross Ontario Street.
Go on your right on Ontario street and walk for 4 streets away from the underground ("metro") station.
Then turn left on Montgomery Street.

Get down to the metro (underground subway) BERRI-UQAM and go to green line in direction of Honore-Beaugrand.
But get out at the third station named FRONTENAC.
Then follow "BY FOOT" instruction below.

-From the AIRPORT
Backpackers could take Expres bus 9$, 45 minute or City bus #204
(not available all day but you could walk to the next stop)
then #211 or 221 for 3 $ including transfer to Lionel-Groulx Metro station and exit at Frontenac Metro station
(green line direction Honorée-Beaugrand)
but it will take about an hour and a half and steps to climb into the Metro.
If you have heavy luggage we recommend a taxi cab for around 45 $ to 60 $,
depending on traffic,
or limousine 55$ flat rate (it's cheaper to buy a good backpack and take the bus!)
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