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1- Air quality: No smoking and no smoker building by insurance policy. Inside smoking is forbidden for tenants and their guests.

Smoking at less than 10 meters of the propriety is forbidden. If not the lease will be cancel immediately without refund.

2- Air quality has to be excellent all time. It is forbidden to burn any substance (cigarettes, cigars, incense, candles (except if their is an electrical failure),

etc. use of air “cleaner”, “deodorizer”, “purifier”, is forbidden and use perfume with moderation please.

3- Never cook empty or at more than medium with anti-adhesive Teflon plates. Vapours are carcinogenic and pan will be bent.

4- Quietness: No guest (one friend, parent, boyfriend or fuck friend) without registration and payment of 13 $/day fees.

Apartment should be quiet all time when someone else is home and completely quiet between 22:00 to 8:00 o’clock

and the latest when another roommate is sleeping. Just ask at what time other are sleeping but no agreement for noise later.

(No speaking, laugh, music, TV, Karaoke, shower, washing machine, drying machine, dish washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. at night!).

Night noise is illegal.

a.      Use with discretion: television, radio, tape recorder, stereo systems or any other apparels or instrument producing sounds.

b.      Void excessive noise.

c.      Be as discreet as possible outside and inside rooms, common rooms and corridor.

d.      Bicycle and roller blade are not allowed inside the building.

e.      Curfew is also valid for outdoor area.            

5-     No solicitation of any kind is allowed (commercial, political, religious, etc.)

6-     No complaint from other tenant will be allowed in accordance with laws and rules in force.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

7-     Cleanliness: Common parts cannot be clutter and have to be kept always clean.

8-     By respects to others always clean or dry table, kitchen and bathroom counter and cooker top after every use.

9-     Rinse bath and sinks after every use.

10-  If cleaning is not include into your rent:

a.      You have to do keep clean the floors, kitchen and bathroom.

11-  By respect to others do not clutter dishes draining rack, steps, balconies, entrance, hall, corridor, kitchen, bathrooms. 

And do not keep anything (bicycle, motorcycle, pram, push chair, etc.) temporarily into those rooms. Don’t forget other people are using same rooms.

12-  You could use kitchen dishes and pan but you have to clean, dry with the dishes towel and store them every time.

(Wet dishes into the draining rack are not hygienic).     

13-  Keep walls, cabinet and floor dry to void damaging. 

14-  Never use metal kitchen utensil (forks, knife, metal wool, ladle, spoon, etc.) into anti-adhesive Teflon plates, pans, rice-cooker, etc.

Use wood and plastic utensil to do not damage the plastic coating.

15-  Tenants and their guest are responsible of any damage cause by their neglect or bad housekeep. Tenants have to replace what they break.  

16-  Abrasive detergent to clean bath, toilet and lavabo, etc. is forbidden. (They remove the shinning and then surfaces are harder to clean).

17-  Remove your shoes and keep floor clean to void surface damaging.     

18-  Double bed cover and protection are obligatory.

19-  Use chopping board. Do not cut directly on counter, table or tablecloth, neither put too warm plates.

20-  Remove the snow with a plastic shovel to void damaging surfaces.

21-  It is tenant responsibility to keep and leave in good condition the apartment and to don’t do any change or alteration

(tapestry, painting, varnish, perforation, stucco, tape, etc.) to rooms, shared rooms, furniture’s, or any other object and to keep as it is room,

kitchen and bathroom furniture’s. No improvement or renovation without landlord approbations.

22-  Common rooms cannot be use for any storage for bicycles, motorcycles, children car, push chair, etc.

23-  No noisy, smelling, harmful, yelling animals are allowed into the building or outside. No mammals or birds into the building.

Except clean dog for blind guess.

24-  Tenant agree to do not keep, use or introduce into the building, nor balcony following devices and objects:

a.      Any device using inflammable substances.

b.      Any explosive, corrosive or damageable substances. Any dangerous materials, insalubrious or smelling material into the building.

c.      Gas, coal or electric barbecue.

d.      Extra heating or conditioning devices.

e.      Cooker, refrigerator, washing or drying machine.

f.       Bed or other furniture’s.

g.      Any kind of weapon.

25-  Dry yourself before getting out of the bathtub to do not dirt the floor and  and keep it dry to keep it secure.     

26-  Always keep sink filter in place to do not block pipes with food and clean it into compost or garbage after every use.

27-  Don’t put any garbage (cotton swabs, sanitary pad, bandage, etc.) into the toilet to be sure to don’t block it.

28-  Keep double windows and doors close when it is cold, raining or snowing.

29-  Energy: Roommates have to use the energy ecologically

Every roommate will be responsible of any over consumption of energy and will have to pay exceeding energy bill.

21-oC maximum heating temperatures in day time and 18 oC into the after noon and night (100$/month fees for each degree more).

Keep double windows close. Maximum 3 minutes shower at minimum temperature. Use cloth line and cold water to wash the clothes.

(Drying machine is 10$ extra and hot water for washing machine is 10$ too). One light maximum at a time if necessary in evening.

Close the lights and reduce the heating if possible, before going out.

Read and apply recommendation from the « Energy saving guide » available into the binder.

30-  No clothes drying into the apartment. Humidity may cause moisture into the walls and raise the heating cost.

31-  Minimum temperature has to be 15oC to void pipes from freezing and plaster to break.

32-  By security and to save energy, don’t put anything at les than 30 cm from heating system.

33-  Insurance: Tenants have to get civil responsibility insurance.

34-  Landlord does not assume any responsibility for the loss, the destruction or steal of tenant (or any other person into the building) objects.

It is tenant responsibility to have he’s own insurance.

35-  Landlord do not assume any responsibility, toward tenant or any visitor, in case of fire or damage because of any tenant or third person into

the building or by tenant things, or any other person under tenant responsibility.

36-  Landlord does not assume any responsibility for tenant accident, or any other person, inside or outside the building.

Except accident cause by tenant employees when they are working for the tenant.

37-  In case of damage to the building or furniture’s under tenant responsibility, missing things or reparation by tenant, cost will be estimate.

If damage is into tenant room, he will have to pay completely for the fees.

If damage is into a share room and it is not possible to know who is responsible, tenant will have to pay is own portion of the fees.

38-  Occupation of the place: tenant obligation is to use the apartment for him self only and for residential use only.

Tenant cannot sublet, or cease the lease, or offer the room to somebody else. Nobody else can leave into the building without authorization.

Size of the room cannot allow being more people in any room.

39-  Assignation: Tenants agrees to use the room assign to him and to facilitate the integration of other persons.

40-  Inspection and damage: tenant has to inspect and report any damage or lost within 24 hours after taking possession of the place.

All the time the tenant have to report immediately any defectiveness or deterioration or building or furniture’s.

41-  Security: Always keep outside doors and windows lock when going out.

42-  Moving: for quietness of tenant or for any other reason, the direction may relocate any tenant into another room with equivalent rent and size.

43-  Rent payment: rent has to be paid for reservation. No payment means no reservation.

In case of prolongation of the rent you will have to pay before someone else reserves the room.

44-  Payment mode: payment could be paid in cash (Canadian dollar) or electronic payment like

Canadian citizen with long-term rent could pay with check (international check has to be cash 1 month before reservation).

45-  Late payment: of annual rent for more than 20 days may lead to rent resignation and administration fees.

46-  Return check: any check return by the bank, for any reason, has to be paid cash immediately with bank fees.

47-  Criminal act: tenant accuses for theft, immorality, harassment, wild or disorder may be expulse without any prejudice

to any other appeal from the tenant.

48-  For hygienic reason employees don't have physical contact with guest.

Any physical contact with cleaning ladies will be consider harassment and will result in automatic booking cancellation.

49-  Putting: tenant agrees to do not put or fix anything into the rooms, shared rooms and outside.

50-  Alcoholic beverage: Any consumption has to be done with maturity, not disturbing other peoples.

Any consumption with family and friends not registered cannot be done inside or outside the propriety.

51-  Keys: tenant is not allowed to do any copy of the keys. If keys are lost the tenant have to pay for the replacement.

Tenant agrees to give back the keys before moving out (Put inside 2146, on the floor, true the slot mailbox if nobody is there).

52-  Access control: tenant agrees to do not allow any body to have access to any apartment.

53-  Storage: long term storage is available for 10$ by square meter a month (1$ for each square feet).

54-  Windows: tenant agrees to do not put any thing between windows or on the outside windowsill and to do not throw anything from the windows.

55-  Fire: it is strictly forbidden to use fire extinguisher without necessity, this is a criminal act under local laws.

It is also forbidden to disconnect the fire alarm or to remove the battery.

56-  Garbage: have to be put into plastic bags.

57-  Recycling: recyclable material has to be put into the recycling bin.

58-  Roof: access to the roof is not allowed except in case of emergency.

59-  Respect: Tenants agree to accept to respect and to ask to his guess to respect the previous rules or any new rules that could be adopted at any time.

   Emergency: In case of emergency call Yves Marineau at: 514-448-4060 or Claude Marineau at 450-666-1752

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